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The Bizarre Noir Theatre Company
    The story of Bizarre Noir is a long and sordid tale... full of elephants and soldiers and... we digress. What started off as an interesting experiment has grown into a full-fledged Off-Off Broadway entity; culminating in three productions per season which range from musicals and comedies to serious dramas and revues. 
    Beginning in 2007, we set out to create an environment for performance. No political agenda, no "mission statement", no judgement. Just entertainment. Our first season was one of rough and tumble circumstances and merely making do. After attempted stabs at Kurt Weill's The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny and Michael John LaChiusa's See What I Wanna See, we ended up documenting our experiences in our musical revue, The Little Show That Couldn't. Season 1 then culminated with the revival of an earlier production entitled The Swinging 60's Office Christmas Party. Part musical part improv show, audiences scrambled to see the production during a winter season otherwise dominated by children's fare. 
    Season 2 we set out to push our envelope just a little further. Not only would we be presenting our first full length musical, The Voices in Your Head, we also presented an adults-only burlesque musical revue entitled The Dark Side of Desire. This production also featured the first appearance of our resident host(ess) Miss Robusta Capp. 
    Season 3 ushered in our current operating three-production season where we opened the season with a throwback to Radio Comedy Variety Hours entitled Love Comes Standard. We followed this with our second original musical, Fag Hags, and rounded out the season with a revival of our Season 2 production, The Voices in Your Head. Once we had found the formula that worked, we implemented this structure in all subsequent seasons.
     Season 4 was steeped in the grand tradition of Hollywood movie-making. We opened the season with a salute to 007 in Secret Agent Man, The Music of James Bond. We followed this sold-out production with our first non-musical play, the classic 1950's comedy Bell, Book and Candle. In keeping with this theme we paid tribute to the Silver Screen with Miss Robusta Goes to the Movies. This sold-out production featured over 25 musical numbers interwoven with multi-media images and recreations of famous Academy Award speeches. 
    Season 5 was a roller-coaster of success for us. From our sold-out tribute to the music of The Carpenters, Superstar, The Music of Richard and Karen Carpenter, to the Manhattan premier of Del Shores' hit play Sordid Lives, and finally to Miss Robusta Lays a Bomb, our salute to Broadway flopdom featuring 27 musical numbers in celebration of the shows that didn't quite make the grade.
     Season 6 was one of changes and new horizons. Not only was our production of
Cher and Cher Alike an unmitigated success, we stepped it up with productions of The Cat's Meow and our first pre-published musical, Little Shop of Horrors!!
     Season 7 saw a tribute to the music of the films of Disney, Maxwell Anderson's 1950's melodrama
Bad Seed, and the very first Manhattan revival of infamous flop rock opera, Rockabye Hamlet
     Season 8 saw a return to the classics with our productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream and Miss Robusta Stops the Show! We ended the season with an glam rock musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde's Salome
     Season 9 ushered in some BIG changes as we picked up stakes and moved north to Salem, Massachusetts! Make sure to stay tuned to find out what exciting productions we have in store! 
    Bizarre Noir has a dedication to entertainment and true colorblind casting. If you have talent we want YOU! We have auditions once a year and are always on the search for bright new talent. If you are interested in auditioning for us, please e-mail a headshot and resume to Bizarrenoir@yahoo.com.
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